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TECNOPAISAJES CONSULTORES S.L. gathers a group of professionals from the Tourist, Town Planning,  Landscaping, Interior and External Architecture and Environment areas. Since the company was created in 1993, it has developed more than 175 projects both in public and private areas  in Europe, America, Africa and Asia concerning the tourist area: golf resorts, polo, estates, theme parks and public town planning.

Pioneer company in development sustainable, landscaping design, based on:

  • use of renewable energies (geothermal, solar, hydraulic)

  • landscaping integration of the projects regarding the environment (vegetation, colors, textures, shapes)

  • low consumption of water and minimum maintenance.

Pioneer company in Al Andalus Landscape Design.

our services:

  • resorts projects developments (hotel, real state, golf and polo club)

  • tourist projects development consultancy and financial assistance

  • landscaping, interior design and styling

TECNOPAISAJES CONSULTORES has established international collaboration agreements with:

  • GOLF GROUP (Forrest Richardson), northamerican designer with more than 75 projects in USA, Mexico, Sweden and Bulgary. Member of the American Golf course designers association board. Author of several books and articles in professional magazines

"Our aim is to contribute in the development of the countries and regions where we work, developing projects that enhance the life quality and social and financial conditions of their inhabitants"
                                                                             (Jesús de Vicente, founder)

Jesus de Vicente

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